CEE-J Virtual Machines

Skelmir LLC

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CEE-J is available and optimized for a vast array of operating systems, processors, and virtual machine specifications. It is the ideal platform for resource-constrained embedded devices including: digital set-top boxes, onboard navigation and infotainment systems, Point-of-Sale and handheld wireless devices, routers and gateways, industrial automation, multifunction printers, and more.
CEE-J Virtual Machines


  • ?Full VM footprint with advanced graphics: 1.5 to 5MB
  • +500KB footprint addition to include animation support
  • Host apps written to Personal Java through J2SE specifications
  • Highly optimized interpreters for each supported architecture
  • Ahead of time, dynamic, and JIT compilation options available
  • Supported OSs: Linux, VxWorks, eCos, Nucleus Plus, STOS20/21, other proprietary RTOSs, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Supported CPUs: MIPS32, MIPS64, ARM9/11, StrongARM, XScale, x86, PowerPC, SuperH, STMicro, DSPs
  • Flexible licensing plus porting, integration, and ongoing support by Skelmir's team of embedded experts

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