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The latest family of CES general-purpose user-programmable I/Os (GPIO) is based on PMCs or XMCs, which are equipped with large FPGAs


  • The main feature of these boards is the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, which is connected to the PCI and CES high-speed serial links, as well as with all required external memory sub-systems, including an ultra-high-speed staging buffer
  • CES GPIOs can be integrated on CES VPX, VME or CompactPCI processor boards, creating a very powerful user-programmable assembly
  • CES provides a complete FPGA programming environment, which allows users to develop their own applications and to interconnect with all of the hardware functionalities of CES boards
  • The CES FPGA BSP product (FBSP) is developed specifically for user-application development and is transverse compatible between all CES FPGA boards, independent of their implementation
  • CES products come in a variety of form-factors, environmental grades, power consumption requirements, and flexible configurations, with a variety of extended software packages
  • PMC or XMC form-factor
  • Air-cooled or conduction-cooled environmental specification
  • Latest Virtex-6 LXT or SXT FPGA
  • Ultra high-speed memory sub-system (DDR3, QDR2, RLDRAM)
  • PCIe x 8 on primary XMC
  • High-speed links on secondary XMC
  • 64 user I/O lines
  • Linux, VxWorks or VxWorks 653 software packages
  • FPGA user development toolkit (FPGA BSP)
  • Board management controller (BMC)
  • Debugging environment

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