Kontron Extended Temperature COMs and Small Formm Factor SBCs


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The demands placed on embedded appliances used in the field range from extreme temperature exposure to constant vibration and much more
Kontron Extended Temperature COMs and Small Formm Factor SBCs


  • Solutions for such appliances need to be designed to be reliable and survive under such conditions
  • Kontron offers computer-on-modules such as the microETXexpress-XL and the ETXexpress-PC-XT and small form factor single board computers including Intel Atom and Core Duo processor offerings within the MICROSPACE family that do just that
  • Kontron uses industrial grade components for by-design solutions that can withstand the harsh conditions
  • Additionally, 100 percent extended temperature tested solutions are available to ensure the solution meets the application-specific temperature requirements
  • To learn more about the Kontron family of COMs and SFF SBCs that are well-suited for extreme environmental conditions and to download the Kontron Extended Temperature whitepaper, visit http://us.kontron.com/extendedtemp
  • Proven for use at extreme temperature ranges (-40?C to +85?C)
  • Industry standard solutions: ETX, COM Express, PC/104-Plus, and PCI/104-Express
  • Scalable solutions offering power efficiency and performance including the latest Intel Atom and CoreDuo processor technology
  • Support for onboard and expandable system memory
  • Drop in replacements within the Kontron COM and SFF SBC product families
  • Request a sample today and start evaluating immediately

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