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  • 6U VME Intelligent Link to PCIe and PMC / XMC Carrier Board
  • 6U VME64x
  • Versatile PCIe to VME links
  • Two versions: carrier only or carrier with Freescale P2010 processor
  • Onboard PCI Express switch
  • Two onboard PMC / XMC slots: 64-bit PCI / PCI-X at up to 133 MHz on each PMC, PCIe x8 on each primary XMC
  • Two PCIe x4 on VME-P0
  • One PCIe x4 on iPass connector
  • Flexible PCIe chaining solutions (external, XMC cable adapter, rear I/O adapter, VME-P0 overlay backplane)
  • adapter, VME-P0 overlay backplane)
  • System-wide time synchronization
  • Requires only +5V power

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