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Programmable digital I/O module capable of driving and/or sensing CMOS signals on 128 channels


  • Asynchronous operating modes allow static I/O programming from the Slot 0 Controller, load and burst block I/O (19 KHz data rate) with a vector depth of 15360, direct register access using latched outputs (133-444 KHz data rates) and direct access using transparent latches (166 KHz-1.3 MHz data rates)
  • 16 I/O handshake lines allow synchronous I/O operations and, internal/external tristate control provide for testing bidirectional busses
  • Multiple tests may be preprogrammed and selected for execution by the Slot 0 Controller
  • Single message-based C-size VXI module with static or dynamic logical addressing, 256 Kbytes dual-ported RAM and a SCPI syntax compatible command language

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