Interface Technology, Inc

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A component test fixture that provides a convenient way to connect a variety of instrumentation to conventionally packaged semiconductor devices


  • Primarily intended for use with the Interface Technology SM15 Source Measure Module
  • Can also be used with a variety of other instrumentation, including Source Measure Units, voltage, and current sources, DMMs, LCR meters, oscilloscopes, electrometers, etc.
  • Four component sockets simplify connections to a variety of devices
  • Maintains accuracy throughout the test circuit with greater than 100 tera-ohms patch isolation, 4-wire connections, guarded jumpers, gold contacts and interconnects, and less than 100 fA offset current
  • Hinged lid covers the component panel to provide a light-tight and shielded measurement
  • Provision is made on the front panel for connecting up to six Source-Measure Modules or other instrumentation to any one of a variety of DUT test sockets
  • All connecting points are clearly marked to avoid errors when making test
  • 12 Triax connectors
  • Four BNC connectors
  • Four binding post connectors
  • Two Teflon package sockets (one is 4-pin, and the other 10-pin)
  • Two power in-line test sockets
  • One 28-pin ZIP (zero insertion force) DIP socket
  • 20 patch cords
  • One safety ground terminal connector
  • One interlock connector

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