Choosing a Secured Data Storage Solution for Gaming Machines

While legacy HDDs and CD-ROMs have been the dominant storage solution in gaming machines until recently, flash-based storage is becoming an increasingly popular alternative, due in large part to the ever-decreasing prices of flash.

Choosing the right storage solution for the different units of gaming machines requires choosing the right balance between performance, cost, reliability, security and field upgradeability. Most important, the storage solution must meet regulatory standards, which places particular emphasis on the WORM feature. Although some NOR flash devices enable the specified level of write protection, their cost can be prohibitive in higher capacities, and their performance for write-intensive OSs (such as Windows-based OSs) may not be sufficient. While CF cards have an easy-to-use interface, they do not have WORM capability, and therefore require a work-around in hardware to meet regulatory standards. Also, issues of flash burnout and low performance are problematic if the CF card is not industrial grade.

uDiskOnChip, the first embedded USB 2.0 flash device on the market, delivers a solid-state solution to meet gaming machine data storage requirements. Its built-in RSA-based write protection provides the required WORM capability. Its read and write speeds are sufficient to meet any OS or video streaming performance requirements, while its patented TrueFFS wear-leveling technology makes flash burnout due to repeated write/erase cycles non-existent when measured against the life expectancy of gaming machines.